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Temporary external reporting point for undesirable behaviour

Who is this reporting point for?

Both current students and employees of the University of Amsterdam (UvA) and former students and employees of the University of Amsterdam can use this reporting point to report undesirable behaviour. This independent reporting point offers an additional way of reporting undesirable behaviour, apart from the existing facilities provided by the UvA.

Read more about the facilities provided by the UvA to report or discuss undesirable behaviour at

About this reporting point

This reporting point for undesirable behaviour is not part of the University of Amsterdam and is managed by the CAOP, an independent organisation in the field of employment matters. The reporting point is staffed with confidential advisers who have experience with and knowledge of social safety and are familiar with issues relating to diversity and inclusion. The advisers staffing the reporting point provide an accessible and independent route for submitting reports.

Reports are confidential, and the person who makes the report decides which information is passed on to the UvA. Students and employees can contact the reporting point by phone or email, and one of the advisers will contact them within 24 hours to discuss the report.

The CAOP registers the reports and passes them on to the UvA for follow-up. After that the staff member of the independent reporting point keeps track of the report to make sure that it is processed properly.

What kind of reports do we process?

You can contact this reporting point for any kind of undesirable behaviour, such as (sexual) intimidation, aggression, violence, bullying or discrimination. Students and employees can find more information on what falls under undesirable behaviour in the UvA regulations for Confidential Counsellors and the UvA Code of Conduct. The reporting point also works according to the code of the National Association for Confidential Counsellors. Other matters that have an impact on the social safety and are reported to the reporting point are also registered and passed on to the UvA. Examples include legal employment conflicts, violations of scientific integrity (such as suspicions of fraud or a conflict of interests) or dissatisfaction with the implementation of rules and procedures.

Making a report

Phone number: +31 70 – 3765 773
(available on workdays between 09.00 and 17.00)

(response within 24 hours)


The UvA received periodical reports about the number of reports with the external reporting point, about the type of reports, and about the actions that have been taken to investigate the reports. This report is not traceable to individuals. The report is used for structural improvements and fortification of social safety at the UvA. After a period of time, the reporting point will hold a survey among individuals who have made reports, to ask about their experience with the reporting point and the way their report was handled.